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Gluten Free Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad 

To me, summer is all about convenient cold foods like salads and lots of  watermelon for dessert. Recreating my childhood summer favorites to share with my family gives me great joy, so tonight, I whipped up a healthier knock-off of a boxed pasta salad. 

Here’s what I did:

1 package of your favorite pasta (we like Trader Joe’s brown rice pasta) 

6 slices bacon

1 head of broccoli chopped into small pieces

1 carrot, shredded

1/2-3/4 cup plain yogurt

1/2-3/4 cup mayo 

1 package ranch dressing/dip powder (we like The Spice Hunter)

All my ingredients were organic and we used gluten free pasta due to my son’s intolerance. You could easily substitute for regular pasta or non-organic ingredients.

Cook pasta according to directions on the package (approx 10 min) while also cooking the bacon on a cookie sheet at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. At the last two minutes of the pasta cooking time, I added the chopped broccoli and carrots to the water to blanch them before pouring it all into a colander to cool. Mix mayo and yogurt (I like flexibility so you could pick one or both mayo and yogurt or even do part with sour cream) with powdered ranch seasoning. Crumble the bacon. Eat a piece to make sure it came out ok. Eat another piece to ensure accurate results. Combine all ingredients and chill.

My kids hate ranch, mayo and basically any kind of salad that doesn’t involve actual greens (I know, I get the irony), but after the perfunctory groaning, they gobbled this right up. I must admit, I had seconds. It definitely hit the spot! 

Let me know if you try this simple summer salad. I would love to hear what substitutions you made and how it tasted.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

I love flexible, one-bowl dishes. Even better when they are allergy friendly, gluten-free, dairy free and paleo! Breakfast is one of those things that in the rush of the morning, I tend to skip. I definitely know better and my eating habits that day suffer for it. Funny how I always make time for my coffee, though… Continue reading

My Kid Has a Food Allergy. What Do I Do Now?

Welcome to the club where nobody wants the free membership card. First, take a deep breath and know you aren’t alone.

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When Food Is Dangerous

Last month I was asked by our OIT doctor to give an interview with a staff writer at Healthy Utah Magazine. I’m pleased with how the journalist really seemed to understand the stress and anxiety food allergies can cause a family.


Turn It Teal: Food Allergy Awareness Week

It’s a fantastic week for the food allergy community as many users on Facebook and even the Empire State Building are turning teal this week to create awareness for the millions of Americans living with food allergies. Continue reading

Food is love. Food allergies should not be hate.

Food allergies are scary. Food is supposed to be nourishment and a source of joy and even companionship when you eat with those you love. It’s personal. Continue reading

Damn Nuts | When Anxiety Returns

February 18th was the one year anniversary of my son finding freedom from his peanut allergy. He felt safe and secure. Gone was the anxiety ridden little boy who couldn’t imagine his own future. Then…it happened.

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A Letter From Santa to Your Child With Food Allergies

Fortunately, Santa is considerate to his elves with food allergies and needs some help to keep them safe. FARE released an official letter from him which you can personalize for your child.

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A Home Birthday Story

This is going to be long because I need to preface my daughter’s story with that of my son, for you to fully understand why home was the best place for me to give birth:

I didn’t go into labor with my son with any real expectation. I had a birth plan that requested minimal interventions, but I was determined to be flexible to the occasion. After more than a day of laboring, I was given one bully of a nurse who turned the birth of my child into a torture session rather than a beautiful event. Continue reading


5. The number of years since my son’s peanut allergy diagnosis.

100. The maximum IGE (number that measures the body’s allergic response via blood test) the standard allergy test will show. His tests always read Peanut IGE    >100.

2. The number of years since his anaphylactic reaction from peanut cross contamination in a grilled cheese sandwich from a restaurant.

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