5. The number of years since my son’s peanut allergy diagnosis.

100. The maximum IGE (number that measures the body’s allergic response via blood test) the standard allergy test will show. His tests always read Peanut IGE    >100.

2. The number of years since his anaphylactic reaction from peanut cross contamination in a grilled cheese sandwich from a restaurant.

15. The number of months since we left our lives in Arizona, temporarily, to move to Utah for my son to begin oral immunotherapy with Dr. Douglas Jones. We did OIT in the pursuit of desensitizing him to his poison, which he reacted to even via touch.

9.  The number of months since my son gained the freedom to eat whatever he wanted without the fear of dying.

65. My son’s new peanut IGE. In 9 months, there has been at least a 35 point drop in his allergic response. He eats the equivalent of 20-24 peanuts a day in addition to whatever else he wants, so it’s not as though we didn’t already know OIT had worked, but what these numbers prove is that there is hope this desensitization process could one day become the cure. If we continue to see declines in this IGE, maybe one day he won’t need to maintain a daily dose.

65 made me cry. 65 gave me validation. 65 gave me hope that one day it will be 0. If you ask my 7 year old, he already feels in his heart it will reach 0. For this kid, who was once paralyzed in fear, to have that kind of hope…well, OIT means far more to us than a bunch of numbers.

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