It’s amazing how much one person can hold their breath. Even more so that they have no idea they are doing it until breathing resumes. I first noticed I was a breath holder when my son completed his first day of OIT. Today, I experienced it again. I decided that since her brother would be eating peanuts, I needed to know for certain if my three-year-old had any tree nut or peanut allergies.

Let me just say, my daughter is a tank. She is the healthiest kid I’ve ever met. The joke is that she licks a stair rail and my son gets sick. I wish it was far fetched, but it’s ridiculously close to truth. The very first time she got sick and began vomiting, I was taken aback. She was about two years old and rather than being lethargic and whiney, she was smiling and chatty between vomiting sessions. Eventually, she fell into a deep sleep for a couple of hours and woke up demanding food and ready to dance. This is a far cry from my son’s man-colds.

As we walked into the allergist’s office today, my littlest cutie was quite happy to finally have an appointment to herself. She is a natural extrovert and has not liked her brother being the focus. Today she got her wish. She easily hopped onto the scale and climbed up on the exam room table. She smiled and giggled and sang songs. This morning she told me that if she did have a peanut allergy, she would just take a “dose” like her brother. She was absolutely charming and I was hopeful.

We decided to test her for all nuts, peanuts and dairy. One little “Ouch!” and her back had been scratched with minute amounts of the test proteins. The nurse left the room and we put on “Everything is Awesome!” and danced it out. Minute two, one little red spot and the rest of her back was clear. By minute 7, a cluster of hives appeared and my heart sank. When two nurses returned at ten minutes, I was swallowing hard and trying to wrap my head around a life of having two kids with food allergies.

“There are some hives,” I pouted. “Oh, it’s the histamine control!” said a nurse. DOH! How could I forget??? Slow exhale. The rest of her back looked exactly as it had before the test. Not a red mark, not a scratch, nothing. The complete opposite of her brother…again. I’ve never been more grateful.

Breathe. In and out. Joy. Elation. Relief. Sweet relief. One child spared. One less thing to worry about.

Our doctor came back in to deliver the amazing news that she tested negative for everything. I’m sure it’s not news he gets to give often. We decided she eat her first peanut alongside her brother once he reaches that point in OIT.

It’s Friday. It’s my 10th wedding anniversary. My son is safer today than yesterday. My daughter has no food allergies. Today is a great day!

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