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Normal, Everyday Messes: Life Post OIT and Food Allergies

One of the things that used to keep me up at night besides the question, “Will I be able to keep him safe when he’s out of my sight?”

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A Home Birthday Story

This is going to be long because I need to preface my daughter’s story with that of my son, for you to fully understand why home was the best place for me to give birth:

I didn’t go into labor with my son with any real expectation. I had a birth plan that requested minimal interventions, but I was determined to be flexible to the occasion. After more than a day of laboring, I was given one bully of a nurse who turned the birth of my child into a torture session rather than a beautiful event. Continue reading

On The Wings of Anxiety

Wow. Nothing like realizing what a fucked up mess you really are. In September I committed to attending the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference in Denver. Keep in mind, I haven’t flown since 2013 due to in large part to managing my son’s peanut allergy at 20000 feet. So here I am in the air thinking back on the last 12  hours.

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Why Our Family is HoHoHo-ing Before We Gobble Gobble Gobble

A year ago, I was with my kids in a one bedroom apartment in Utah while my son was in the midst of oral immunotherapy for peanuts. My husband was back home in Arizona. We saw him roughly once a month for a few days at a time. Many of our regular Christmas traditions weren’t possible in a new place,  though we did try some disastrous things like ice skating.

Many of our activities were put on hold because no one wanted leave my husband out and we knew he was missing us and wanted to be there as much as we wanted him to be with us. So we waited. And waited. And finally, two days before Christmas he arrived for his 9 day stay. 8 of those days, at least one of us had the stomach flu.

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The Gift of Less

We were already looking for a change when my family decided to sell our home and conquer my son’s peanut allergy by my husband moving in with his mom and me moving the kids and dog up to Utah for our son’s oral immunotherapy. None of us knew what that meant yet, but we knew that the treatment would provide us a freedom when we were done we had not had before.

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Perfection Paralysis

Where have I been, you may ask? In my own head and it’s a mess.

Here’s the thing: I’ve set myself up to be a go-to for a mom’s perspective on food allergies, oral immunotherapy and general health and wellness tips. I take this role seriously and as such, I wanted to curb my spur of the moment, passion-filled, hastily written blog posts and present clear, precise and valuable information…every time. So the result is that I’ve been paralyzed by my own expectations and have produced almost no content over the last couple of weeks.

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100 Days of OIT

It’s been 100 days since my son took his first peanut solution. 100 days of purposefully giving him his allergen under a doctor’s carefully researched protocol in order to build his body’s tolerance. There have been a few bumps along the way, but nothing has derailed us. In fact, the bumps serve as reminders why we are on the road to begin with and we begin to focus steadfastly on the destination ahead. Mostly.
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Sacrifices for Now

After having been here for a month, my husband came for a weekend visit and that visit was followed up within days by my parents. We explored Park City together and they gave me a little reprieve from being the sole care provider for a few hours. When it came time to go, my parents decided my mom would stay on another two weeks. It was great having another adult around! We pushed updosing back by one day when my son wasn’t feeling quite well, but other than that, we have plodded along (thankfully!) without major event. Our time has been filled with pumpkin painting, pumpkin patch visiting, homeschool, and trips to the library.
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Apparently, Breathing is Essential

It’s amazing how much one person can hold their breath. Even more so that they have no idea they are doing it until breathing resumes. I first noticed I was a breath holder when my son completed his first day of OIT. Today, I experienced it again. I decided that since her brother would be eating peanuts, I needed to know for certain if my three-year-old had any tree nut or peanut allergies.
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What do you do when everything is going smoothly? You relax, but stay aware. You revel in your peacefulness while knowing it can change and even if it does, it really will be ok. Tomorrow, my husband visits for three days. It will be the first time we have seen him since August and we won’t see him again until mid-November. While he has been away working, we carry on with our new normal.

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