He did it again. He talked about his future: the truck he wants and would he have an attic in his house, too? It still takes me by surprise. I love that not only do I believe he has a future, but he believes it, too.

It’s been a year since I kicked off this blog. I was uncertain of what this journey would entail or what the end result would be but I knew in my heart it was the right choice for us. Never could I have imagined the life we live today, 365 days later.

This summer, my son went to all-day camp. 8 hours a day for four days, he was not with me and not with our trusted teachers at his amazing school. It was a Lego robotics camp which meant sticky little fingers all over Lego toys (even after lunch!) and he was fine. Totally fine.

A year ago I could not have fathomed that A. he would have gone voluntarily away from anyone he knew for 32 hours or B. I would have felt comfortable, given his contact reactiveness, with him in that environment. So to say OIT was life-changing would be entirely true. There are no barriers for this kid due to peanuts anymore. In fact, a huge point of pride was during an assessment at school when I was told that he was good with transitions. Transitions and change used to be his nemesis.

In May, we surprised the kids with a short trip to Legoland and the beach. We got a deal on a hotel with a kitchen, but we didn’t to have one…we could eat out…anywhere. No calling ahead and reading menus online. Eating inside the park was no challenge at all, either. FREEDOM.

He is living the life of a 7-yr-old boy. A normal life. All we ever hoped for him came true and more.

One day, we will go to once a day dosing which will be nice. For now, he has two teaspoons of PB&Co. chocolate flavored peanut butter every morning and every night. He doesn’t love it, but it’s his medicine and his safety so he eats it with little complaint. In the future, we hope to see his IGE (allergic response numbers from a blood test) decrease down to the point where he won’t need a maintenance dose. If they never go down that far and he has to eat peanut butter forever, so what? He is safe. He is happy. He is confident.

We owe all this success to our allergist in Utah who is still available for us, day and night (sorry!) and our amazing friends, new and old that helped us get to and through this treatment.

We can do hard things and the pay off…the pay off is so worth it.

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