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No News is GREAT News In The Food Allergy World

As often happens to families after OIT, life moves on and you don’t update as much as you initially intended.

In this case, we also made a huge move; 1000  miles (well, 997 if you’re neurotic like me) away to Austin, Texas. This move was an impossibility pre-OIT. We had him in a completely nut-free school and I would never have been able to trust another staff with my highly sensitive peanut allergic child but now…now his food allergy is barely a blip on the radar. Gone are the days of wiping down seats at movie theaters or avoiding public playgrounds. We adjust dosing based on school start time and Epipens still come with us (now there’s a story) and are on hand at school, but for the most part…we feel NORMAL.

Right before we left Arizona we slipped in for a blood draw. While driving through El Paso, my phone rang. It was Dr. Jones calling to report that my son’s IGE, which pre-oral immunotherapy never dipped below 100, was now 26! TWENTY-FREAKING-SIX! I can’t tell you what the number means to my kid, my family, to his doctor. 26 is more than a glimmer of hope, it’s progress. It’s a whisper of a word we have stuffed far down into the depths of minds so that it only appeared in our dreams…a CURE. One day, this treatment that we moved mountains to get for our son just might be the cure we so desperately sought for him. For now, it’s enough that he is experiencing what it’s like to be 8 years old without limitations.

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  1. Glad to come across another Austin blogger! 🙂 If you ever need recommendations around town, let me know!

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