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Scoop of Humble Pie..uh, Yogurt

Oh my hell. I cannot believe what I did today. As a mom who has navigated the murky waters of food allergies for a number of years, I made an unimaginable screw up. Here’s the background: My son no longer has to worry about his previously deadly peanut allergy and he consumes all other nuts safely. Due to his asthma, we eliminated dairy from his diet, which has seemed to help his symptoms. He misses yogurt deeply so after a little trial and error, he picked a blueberry almond milk yogurt as his favorite.

This is the part where I get to turn that pointing finger back on myself. I packed his favorite yogurt in his lunch. Almond milk yogurt. In his lunch. At his completely nut free school! I’m the worst. The WORST. No one in his class has a nut allergy, thank goodness, but I feel terrible about this mishap.

Everything is a learning opportunity, right? First, I learned no one is policing what the kids bring so that responsibility rests on the parents alone. Second, I realize that no one is immune from making a mistake. I obviously think there’s a big difference over absent-mindedly throwing food into a lunchbox that isn’t allowed vs. purposefully sending it and thinking, “Not my problem.” However, the third lesson is, it doesn’t matter to the child with a food allergy sitting next to my child at lunch if I sent something banned on purpose or on accident. Either way, I’m wrong and that child is potentially in danger.

I’m sharing because despite my position within the allergy community, I am still human and can and do make mistakes. Never have I imagined myself even close to being perfect, but this rattled me. Thank goodness no one was hurt by my lack of attention.

Here is a wish for all of you today: that you are conscience and aware of your actions and that your mistakes are minor and easily fixed. Everyone deserves some grace…unless of course, you’re being an asshole on purpose. In that case, may you be publicly flogged.

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  1. There's a lady in AZ that needs the world to learn this lesson! Way to be brave!

  2. What a great post! This is the truth! As a food allergy parent, I've biffed too and I think since we are "in the know" we somehow think we can't make these simple errors. But, we do! How fabulous about your son's allergies! Yes to eating nuts! Love our writing–it's so fresh and honest.

  3. Thank you so much, @Gratefulfoodie! I think it's important for us to own up when we make a mistake, be accountable and do better. Thanks for the comment!

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