Seven months as a single parent to two young children and a crazy dog in Utah was hard. Intentionally giving my son his food allergen twice a day, even though the end result was life-changing and freeing, was harder. I knew when the process was over that we would never, ever be the same and we are not. For the first few months back in our new home in Arizona and as a family again, my incessant need to make a house a home took a backseat as we just enjoyed the glorious Spring weather. We took walks around our new neighborhood and hit up any fair or festival that came our way. We ate wherever we wanted without regard to if there was peanut butter on the menu. There are still boxes that are not yet emptied and for the first time, it doesn’t bother me.

Returning home meant it was time for me to regain my own health. My husband and I joined a gym, took up meditation, went to church and started a nutritional cleansing system. Soon enough, I could feel my body begin to work for me again and not against me. Or was it always me against my body? I’m not sure. I gave up coffee for three entire weeks. Did you read that? Go back and read it again. 21 DAYS WITHOUT A DROP OF COFFEE. Don’t dial 911, I didn’t kill anyone. I actually did great. But alas, I’m no quitter so yes, I do drink coffee now. Low acid coffee with dairy free, low sugar creamer. I’m ok with it and my body is, too.

Here’s the thing…when I first started spending an hour a day a few days a week at the gym, I told myself I could be doing x,y or z with my kids and how could I be so selfish? The truth is, that hour a day for self improvement left more of me for my kids than I could have imagined. I’m more patient, more connected, more playful. I’ve read it 100 times, but I never understood it until I did it for myself. Some days I can see changes in the mirror and in my spirit and I’m proud. Some days I look at the scale and emotionally wreck myself.

I’m going to say this to you and I’m going to say it to me: STOP IT. You are more than a number on a scale. You are more than the size of your clothes. Only be concerned with how you feel about yourself, not how you look to others. If you feel strong and healthy, rock on, sister. If you feel tired and sluggish, let’s fix that. Do the things for yourself you would do for a friend or your child. Be abundant in praise and easy on the criticism. Reward yourself with things that make you feel good, not sugary treats that make you feel guilty but also leave room to enjoy your life…have that margarita with a girlfriend. Eat a little of that dessert. Don’t deny yourself the pleasures in life all the time because a binge will surely follow.

The evolution of me leads to an evolution of my topics I write about. Food allergies will always be part of our lives and will surely crop up as a post here and there but now I also want to share my own personal journey and hopefully some of yours, too. I want to inspire others to become the very best versions of themselves. Let’s face it, we all benefit from a world of happy, driven people! It’s time for all of us to start living the life of our dreams and be who we were always meant to be! I hope you will all join me on this new journey of health, wellness, minimalism and whatever else makes me happy at the moment. Right now it’s coffee. Yeah, there might be a post about coffee.



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