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Perfection Paralysis

Where have I been, you may ask? In my own head and it’s a mess.

Here’s the thing: I’ve set myself up to be a go-to for a mom’s perspective on food allergies, oral immunotherapy and general health and wellness tips. I take this role seriously and as such, I wanted to curb my spur of the moment, passion-filled, hastily written blog posts and present clear, precise and valuable information…every time. So the result is that I’ve been paralyzed by my own expectations and have produced almost no content over the last couple of weeks.

The same for Periscope. I need to make elderberry syrup and plan to scope about it but my hair hasn’t been washed. Oh, now I’ve washed my hair but I didn’t curl it. Damn, no time for makeup today. All I have clean are yoga pants. Once I clean my kitchen I can scope. See? I am afraid to go on video looking like ME. My true, un-made-up self. I’m afraid to just sit down and post what I want lest it not be useful to others and works against my mission.

So here is what I did today…I posted something from my heart about breast cancer awareness and it cost me a few follows on Instagram. This is what I have to say about that: they weren’t my target audience anyway. If you know my heart, and I think many of you do by now, and you know my intention, one post you don’t agree with won’t make you unfollow. If you were never really on board with my message anyway, show yourself out quietly and everyone is happy.

This is my pledge from now on: I will continue to be authentic and never take advantage of or forget the responsibility I have for providing helpful information whether it be about food allergies or natural living, BUT, I will forego being trapped by my need to make it perfect (unless it is something research or numbers driven).

More important than what I am going to strive for, I want YOU to do the same. Stop waiting for x,y and z to happen before you can go after what you desire. Stop waiting for everything to lay in front of you with a tidy bow, begging you to take the chance because you will wait forever. The gift you have to share with others is about way more than the packaging.

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.” – Robert H. Schuller

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