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Send That PB&Jelly Sandwich to School Anyway

If your child’s school has a ban on a food, whether it be peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, gluten, WHATEVER, and you send it anyway because you feel “It’s not my job to keep some XYZ allergy kid safe,” not only are you an asshole, but you are a danger to society and need major reform. By that logic, should my child get to bring a loaded gun to school? He knows how to use it, so that should make it safe for everyone else, right? To you, this may not be a true comparison, but to the parent of a child with a life threatening food allergy, it’s exactly the same. Both are just as lethal to our child.

These kids have to worry day in and day out about people like this. These people are parents, school teachers, food service workers, even health care workers. This dangerous attitude is unsafe and it creates hostility toward people with food allergies. You know, that thing these kids didn’t cause, nor could have prevented and already hate living with.

43% of children with food allergies who are bullied (which is 1/3 of all kids with food allergies) have their allergen actually waved in their face, aka a loaded gun. Guys, this is attempted homicide in my book. It’s not ok. Don’t be the selfish asshole who raises selfish asshole kids. Do you laugh at people in a wheelchair? Do you point out someone disfigured and teach your kids to pick on them and harass them? No. Just because a disability is on the inside doesn’t make it any less real. Don’t have on your conscience a child’s death that could have been prevented if you didn’t have to have everything your way all the time.


Today is a flat out rant. My kid is safe now, but too many are not. I will always fight for them. My son, who is only 7 years old and is free from food allergies now, will always fight for these kids even though it’s no longer his battle. He has compassion. He knows what is right.

This is a simple fix. If you know someone can be hurt by something you are doing…stop it. Seriously. STOP IT. Have compassion. Be kind. Don’t kill someone over you or your child’s supposed “right” to eat whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want.


***My child does not have or know how to use a gun. It is an example in a passionate plea for people to not be assholes***


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  1. I made the same point to parents at a school who opposed going nut-free in merely the classroom for my daughter's safety. After 7 schools and 26 days, I found a school willing to make a nut-free classroom. I couldn't believe the opposition.

  2. It's crazy, isn't it? At our school, years prior to us, becoming nut free was proposed at a meeting. Parents rebelled. It was a child who stood up in defense of his friend that made the difference. He said, "If being nut free at school means my friend doesn't have to be scared of dying, I can eat peanut butter at school." Or so the story goes. Children seem to have way more compassion.

  3. This strikes very close to home for me. It’s a very relivent and nessecary rant, if you ask me. I have also needed to “rant” a time or two in order to protect my 5-year-old son with severe food allergies and I’m sure it’ll be needed again. I’m so thankful for people like you who get the importance and severity of food allergies. Thank you for speaking up and speaking out about this!

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