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Mind Games

Some days, this whole deal is one giant game, messing with my head. With the exception of our first real reaction, which ended up being a positive, and one trip to the grocery store, this week was pretty awesome. It was the kind of week I had expected, unlike the week prior where we were all sick. Last night, in fact, I did something rare. I went out. I trusted a babysitter with my kids (by “trusted” I mean that she was someone used by a friend of mine whose children also have food allergies and I spent the entire night texting the sitter, to the point where she began copy and pasting, “yep, they’re doing great.”) and went out for a friend’s birthday. Until 2:30 am.  Truly, I am too old for that, evidenced by my all day recovery process.

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I Can Take A Hint, Utah

Utah hates us. I actually really like it here, so this makes me sad.  First, we found out the reason my son gets a blotchy red face, itchy eyes and a runny nose when we visit our friends here is because they happen to primarily grow the ONLY DANG GRASS TO WHICH HE IS ALLERGIC. That’s right. So day 1 we had to start him on medicine for seasonal allergies. Everyone assures me he will be fine one the grass dies….you know, when it’s too cold to keep things alive.  TOO COLD TO KEEP THINGS ALIVE. *deep breath*

So now, a week after my husband left us to go back to work, we are all sick.

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Well, we did it.  We packed up (I use “we” loosely) 2500 square feet; sold a lot of furniture, filled two 10×10 storage units to the brim and stuffed this little trailer with mostly clothes and shoes to go to Utah for OIT with us.  We drove and drove and stopped and stopped and drove some more. FINALLY….

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Not My Timing

I have put this post off, thinking way too hard about how others would perceive my story.  In the end, it’s my story and my personal view and if you see it differently, that’s ok. I respect you and I hope you respect me.

By the evening of July 16th, I was messaging my new allergy mom friend in Utah asking when she was leaving to go back home, because I was certain we were not going sell the house and move up there before she flew back to Hawaii with her kids.  That night, I had a dream that my son and I were at his first consult with the OIT doctor and I was being reassured that he was, indeed, a candidate and this was all going to be fine.  I woke up squished between two kids, which oftentimes happens, and I felt at peace. If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of speaking to me before 9 am and/or my morning coffee, you know this is a rare and wonderful thing.

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“My Allergies Aren’t That Severe….”

I’ve had so many starts to my next post in my head and haven’t put them on the screen yet, but this morning, I knew I had to get to work. You see, this morning I read about death number four just this month due to food allergies. These stories are far too common and they break my heart.  They also reaffirm that we are doing the absolute right thing by taking this chance on going to Utah for OIT.

Just in sharing our personal story I have heard, on multiple occasions, “I applaud what you are doing. Thankfully my child’s food allergies aren’t that severe.”  That statement is like nails on a chalkboard to me.  If your child has reacted to a food with hives, swelling…MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EPINEPHRINE.

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F**k You, Mr. Peanut (Part II)

It has never been my nature to play defense. I find solutions and get things done. Therefore, this notion that my son will have to constantly work around a peanut allergy and restrict his life due to a food allergy, did not sit well with me.  Especially since the anaphylactic reaction in late July of 2013, I have been seeking out ways to make his life better and his allergy less of an influence on our life…which really led to the exact opposite. It’s been on the forefront of our minds in an attempt to keep him safe while looking for answers.
Unfortunately for my son, the stress of feeling of his body going into anaphylaxis and the shot of epinephrine has caused him a great deal of anxiety. When your little boy continues to ask you, “Am I going to die, Mommy?” with his little lip quivering any time he gets an itchy eye or a little hive, well, you develop anxiety, as well.

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F**k You, Mr. Peanut (Part I)

I’ve said this to the tv screen in a fit of self pity and despair with my middle finger straight up (no, my kids were not in the room). I realize I have no right to feel pity or despair for my son simply due to a food allergy. I know that things could be so much worse and trust me, I thank God every day for our good health. This is simply an inconvenience, but since it is a life-threatening inconvenience, it does dictate a lot about our lives that I wish I didn’t.

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