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My Kid Has a Food Allergy. What Do I Do Now?

Welcome to the club where nobody wants the free membership card. First, take a deep breath and know you aren’t alone.

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“My Allergies Aren’t That Severe….”

I’ve had so many starts to my next post in my head and haven’t put them on the screen yet, but this morning, I knew I had to get to work. You see, this morning I read about death number four just this month due to food allergies. These stories are far too common and they break my heart.  They also reaffirm that we are doing the absolute right thing by taking this chance on going to Utah for OIT.

Just in sharing our personal story I have heard, on multiple occasions, “I applaud what you are doing. Thankfully my child’s food allergies aren’t that severe.”  That statement is like nails on a chalkboard to me.  If your child has reacted to a food with hives, swelling…MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EPINEPHRINE.

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